Professor Angus Jenkinson talks about CodarOur Tools

Working closely with Professor Angus Jenkinson, who directs our strategic work, we have devised a range of proprietary planning tools that enable us to achieve valuable short-cuts in processes that can often be frustratingly long-winded.  

Fingerprint TM

This simple but powerful research technique allows us to gain a quick and cost-effective snapshot of the consumer’s overall perception of a brand. 


An ingenious aid to integrated communications planning, Codar helps our clients to set and prioritise their objectives, and thence to select media in the most cost-efficient way.


Stellar is hugely helpful in nailing down a brand’s true identity and positioning. During the process, it rapidly reveals any inconsistency between the ways in which the brand is presented to its various stakeholders, internal and external.


Certain personality types occur again and again in folklore, literature and modern psychology. As well as to individuals, they can be applied to organisations, brands and products  – and thereby reveal insights that can be crucial to effective communications.